Saturday, October 17, 2009

Really Get Free stuff for Searching Google - No Scam!!!

Hey Guys!
Xirex7 here and I want to let you in on a a pretty cool opportunity I found out aboot a couple of weeks ago. It's called swagbucks and its no scam! They are basically a search site that is powered by google and created by a respectable bunch of people. they have millions of members and it works like this. Basically, you use the website just like google, search whatever u want and you will earn points, called swagbucks which have an equivalent $ value. Any time you chose, you can use these "swagbucks"to trade them in for a prize. They have everything ranging from screensavers to iPod touches and nanos. The best thing is, no personal information is shared and NO CREDIT CARDS INVOLVED!!! And FREE SHIPPING OF PRIZES. You not only get points for searching but points for things called swagcodes, which you can find on the toolbar and on facebook and on twitter. I recommend that you download the iGoogle widget.You can also get notified via cellphone. Also, send in old cell phones and games to get swagbucks (free postage, just follow the online instructions). Other ways include referring friends. The first 100 swagbucks they get are also added to your account. Trust me, it is so easy to make swagbucks using this method. Just refer everyone you know. Swagbucks is getting big and you may have or soon will here about it on twitter!!! If you don't trust me, don't worry. I wouldn't trust me either; just google it and you'll see, its no scam . Please oh please, try some green eggs and (well, you know the rest)! Just make swagbucks your homepage like google, and don't change what you do except use swagbucks instead of yahoo or google search engine. Even my ten-year-old brother uses it now. People need to know about swagbucks because it can only help you. If you have any doubts, search it on google. A lot of people may be thinking: how do these guys make money if they just give stuff away - well they do: using advertising and their website to sell stuff in the shopping section. Swagbucks has literally changed my life. It is almost like a hobby, but it takes no more time than it would take me to use google. To log in to the site for free please copy and paste my referral link into your address bar: